BRD Motorcycles

I love to see a start up producing a product. And when I say product I mean a real physical, something you can touch, can hold, can ride and can become very passionate about. BRD Motorcycles are a start up based in the San Francisco Valley and are producing one mean looking electric motorbike. Their innovative chassis design also allows them to manufacture the bike in San Fran too!

I have never owned a motorbike (through the fear instilled in my by my mother that if I ever owned a bike she would kill me if the bike didn’t first) but after checking out what goes into this thing… I wanna one…

Here’s a great talk by┬áMarc Fenigstein, COO and co-founder of BRD talking about why they built the BRD and where they see the market for it.

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Seth Godin interview for the Good Life Project

I first heard about Seth Godin through the Shopify build a business competition in late 2011. As chance would have it we managed to win our category in the competiton and were very fortunate to have the opportunity to fly out to New York to meet him. Seth is a marketing guru and has this ability to get straight to the point and understand the most complex situations with an uncanny clarity. He was recently interviewed by the good life project about his recent book that he launched on Kickstarter. If you have a spare 37mins its a great insight into how he views he’s “projects”.

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